For those with a dream and are not afraid of a little hard work then our Downtown area may be for you. City living offers up more than just shopping and places to play.

It also offers up a chance for work experience as well. Not only are there numerous law offices, banks, and the DMV, but architects, tailors, and barbershops as well. Besides having established businesses, the downtown area is constantly growing and expanding.

Our very own, Garcia’s Market on North Street completed renovations on their store. Not to mention, Quinnz Pinz has newly renovated with up-to-date state of the art technology, flat-screen monitors & decorated with trendy, upscale decor. That’s not the only recent addition that has been added to our downtown area, Olivia's Empanadas on West Main Street, has also joined our community recently. Plus Clemson Brothers Brewery, on Cottage Street is a wonderful place to grab a beer and something to eat. Not to mention Equilibrium Brewery on South Street, & their restaurant Tapped on Henry Street is officially opened to the public. There Saturday beer launches have brought many new faces to our community! 

Our Rail Trail Common Race for Space winners are getting settled, and already Oak and Reed, an American Contemporary Restaurant is up and running. Be sure to call and make your reservation today! Plus Farmer & Baker has opened its doors as well.  Be sure to stop by and check out their freshly made bread in a variety of styles! Painted Horse Chocolates is almost ready to open its doors as well. We cant wait to try their tasty treats! Keep an eye out for the opening day! 

If you’re looking for work experience, interested in opening a new business or expanding the current business that you have, the Downtown area might be the place for you.