What a wonderful day for our festivities! With the sun shining bright, and a nice breeze to keep us all cool, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Starting at 7 PM, The Shallows rocked the park. Many thanks to Sundae Delights Ice Cream truck to offer everyone a cool treat. The Fire Department and their food truck for keeping everyone well fed. Shoprite for keeping us stocked with peanuts, popcorn, water, and their great 50/50 raffel. And all the City of Middletown Departments who gave us a helping hand. Feel free to browse through our photos of the day. 


We have a big weekend coming up here in Middletown,

And the city cordially invites you to join us celebrate!

Our Stars and Stripes Weekend Schedule



The Park Adjacent to Something Sweet - 6 to 8 PM

Tim Quinn

Classic Irish-American Folk


Festival Square - 7 to 9 PM

Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra            



Fancher Davidge Park - 7 PM and On

The Shallows

 Doo-Wop/Rock & Roll


A Firework Celebration!


We hope you join us at all our different events! 

Remember, although chairs will be available, remember to being your lawn chairs and a blanket for the kids!

Have you heard the news? If you attended the press conference on May 22nd, or saw the footage on Channel 20, then you have heard the YMCA on Highland Ave is closing their pool in one year. But don't fret, with their new campaign, Save The Last Lap, the YMCA is trying to raise awareness about the condition of their pool, and help raise funds for the new one! With the recent additions of an elevator and a pool lift, the YMCA expects the number of patrons who plan on using the pool will grow tremendously over the next year. With more people using the pool, its imperative for any structural and mechanical issues to be addressed soon. The current pool has been in place for over 50 years, and while regular maintenance is done to keep their pool in top shape, its time for an update. Which is why the #SavetheLastLap campaign has begun. Using TwitterFacebook, and their website, word is being spread about the condition of their current pool and help raise donations for their new one.

In in a regular week, the YMCA's pool sees 500 children participating in swim lessons, 80 adults swimming laps, the Y's Barracudas Swim Team, 50 families during family swim, 175 adults participating in water exercise classes, and numerous group homes and special populations using the pool. Information like this and more is available at their website, Plus you can learn how to make a pledge, what the duckies mean, read stories of those that have used the pool in the past 50 years. Enjoy!

The Downtown Middletown BID would like to welcome The Sugar Shack to our area! Their Grand Opening was May 2nd at 4 PM. Located at 9 King Street, The Sugar Shack had begun their soft open as of Monday, April 28th. Their menu includes Soft and Hard served Ice Cream, Locally made Italian Water Ices, Hand Made Gluten Free Snacks, as well as Pies, Cake Pops, Candy and More. Feel Free to check out their website here or check out their facebook here.

Sugar Shack Gallery

The Downtown Middletown is pleased to welcome Vape Paradise to 7 South Street, Middletown NY. We congradulate them on their Grand Opening, held Saturday, April 26th. This shop covers all your needs, from E-Cigs and E-Juice to Vape pens, Tanks, and Atomizers. And if you ever need new battieres you know where to go. Every week they will have new flavors. To kick off their grand opening they will have 10% off this weekend, and having raffles as well. To view pictures of their Store and their Opening you can visit their facebook page here. Or feel free to visit their website here to find out what flavors of tobacco they have available, to shop online, or to contact them.

Store Hours are:

10 am - 8 pm Monday - Thursday

10 am - 10 pm Friday & Saturday

and for this weekend and next they will be open from 10 am to 6 pm on sundays

For more information give them a call at (845) 467-4517

IMG 20140426 131352 465





The Middletown BID would like to welcome Maranatha II to our Downtown Area! Now located at 90 North Street, this resturant celebrated its Grand Opening April 10th, 2014. Specializing in Carribean Food served buffet style. Deland and Roa Michel, Brothers & Owners of this new business are very excited about their new resturant, and are egar to meet the town. For more information about their prices, location, or menu give them a call at (845) 239 - 4590. And remember, if your looking for a place to grab some grub, they are located at 90 North Street, Middletown, NY.


To View all the pictures from the Grand Opening, Click Here

The City of Middletown

& The Downtown Middletown Business Improvement District



The Summer Concert Series 2014
Free to the General Public!


Concerts are taking place:

Thursdays – From 6-8 PM – In the Park Adjacent to Something Sweet

Fridays – From 7-9 PM – In Festival Square

May 30th – In the Pocket – Rock & Soul Covers (Festival Square)


A Special Saturday Performance May 31st – Frank Sorino - Eclectic Variety of covers/Strong vocal (Next to Something Sweet)


June 5th – Liza Dolittle Trio - Chamber Pop Standards from Sinatra to Beatles (Next to Something Sweet)


June 6th – Carl Richards Band – Rock a Billy (Festival Square)


June 12th – Gail Johnson - Pianist/4 singers – Broadway review (Next to Something Sweet)


June 13th - The Shallows – Doo-Wop/Rock & Roll (Festival Square)


June 19th – Side by Side - Classic Folk/Lite rock –vocal harmonies (Next to Something Sweet)


June 20th – Tangent – Classic & Alternative Rock (Festival Square)


June 26th – Tim Quinn - Classic Irish-American Folk (Next to Something Sweet)


June 27th – Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra – Winner of 18 Grammy Awards (Festival Square)


July 3rd – Singer/Songwriter Ken DeAngelis, and Soprano Julie Ziavras (Next to Something Sweet)


July 4th – Joey Armino + The Family in their USO Show! (Festival Square)


July 10th – Midnight Slim Revised - Blues/Classic Rock/ Country (Next to Something Sweet)


July 11th – The Jeremy Langdale Band Rock, Funk, R&B & Blues (Festival Square)


July 17th – Emish - Irish American folk Pop (Next to Something Sweet)


July 18thJenna Esposito –  Great American Songbook/ 50's & 60's Pop/Italian (Festival Square)


July 24th – Scott Test - Acoustic folk singer/songwriter – oldies/originals (Next to Something Sweet)


July 25th – The Greyhounds – 50’s Rock & Roll (Festival Square)


July 31st – Ray Longchamp/ Vinnie Mazzo - Blues/Rock/Lite Jazz (Next to Something Sweet)


August 1st – Rawson – Rock & Funk (Festival Square)


August 7th – Elissa Jones - Contemporary Originals/Soft Covers (Next to Something Sweet)


August 8th – One Swift Kick – 50’s, 60’s & 70’s (Festival Square)


August 14th – Kevin McCabe - Classic and current covers (Next to Something Sweet)


August 15th – Route 66 – Classic Sounds of the 60’s (Festival Square)


August 21st – Hurley Mountain Highway - Acoustic/electric Pop/Soft/Classic rock (Next to Something Sweet)


August 22nd- Groovy Tuesday – 60’s & 70’s (Festival Square)


August 28th – Paul Binotto - keyboard singer/songwriter – originals/folk rock (Next to Something Sweet)


August 29th – Murali Coryell – Blues Band (Festival Square)


A special Saturday Conceert August 30th - Harrison Street BandClassic Rock & Blues (Festival Square)


Come on out to hear your favorite Oldies, Rock, Folk and Funk, plus so much more.


And Don’t Forget

The Stars and Stripes Celebration

Saturday, June 28th, 2014, at 7:00 PM

At Fancher Davidge Park

Entertainment and Fireworks


Presented by The City of Middletown & The Business Improvement District

Honorable Joseph M. DeStefano, Mayor

J. Miguel Rodrigues, Alderman at Large

BreweryIn a Press Conference held on March 4th, 2014, Mayor of Middletown Joseph M DeStefano announced a new addition to the Downtown Middletown Area. H Heritage Properties LLC purchased the Clemson Brother’s Property, located on Cottage Street. Within the next 5 years, residents of Middletown can expect to see numerous changes to the current property, while it still retains its natural charms. Kenan Porter and Tony Tello of H Heritage Properties are extremely optimistic about the project.

The plans for the building include Residential and Commercial units that will be finished within the first year of the project. The Residential Units will range from twelve to twenty five hundred square feet, high ceilings and based on an early industrial era of the twentieth century.  The Industrial Units will retain the 3 businesses that are currently located on site and H Heritage Properties LLC also has plans to bring in others, wanting to bring jobs to the community. They will also be adding a Restaurant and a Micro-Brewery, which is scheduled to be open within two years called Clemson Brewery. The restaurant plans on having an upscale yet rustic factory appearance, with a toned down punk theme with copper tones and notes of the pre-prohibition style era. The food will be an Americana Cuisine, coming from the 1930s to the 1950s. The Micro-Brewery will have a ten thousand barrel annual output, state of the art production, and a line capable of filling 60 bottles per second. Several brands will be contracted out under the company, and they already have a foothold in the distribution system and will be seen all over the north east. 

Already Porter and Tello are working on their perfect recipe for their beer and are eager to get under way. While the town has given them five years to set up their operation, the two expect to get the project completed sooner. We look forward to keeping an eye out on the project and wish them the best of luck.







Restaurants 2
To qualify for the program, an establishment must:
• Be full-service restaurants (NAICS code 722511), or establishments engaged in providing food services and meals prepared on-premises to patrons who traditionally order and are served while seated (i.e., waiter/waitress service), including on-premises food and drinking establishments licensed through the State Liquor Authority (SLA). Establishments providing take out or grab and go food services due to COVID-19 restrictions are also eligible;
• Franchises are not eligible;
• Have no more than $3 million in 2019 revenue;
• Be located in New York State;
• Have been in operation on or before March 1, 2019;
• Certify and demonstrate that they have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19
• Agree to comply with all applicable New York State and local reopening guidance and COVID-19 health and safety policies, including the New York Forward reopening guidance and Cluster Action Initiative guidance, as well as SLA and DOH regulations.
How to Apply:
• Restaurants can apply to the Rising the NYS Bar Restaurant Recovery Fund starting Monday, January 11, 2021.
• The online application can be found at: nysrestaurantrecovery.fluxx.io as well as at the Diageo, Southern Glazer and NDC webpages.
• The online grant portal may close temporarily should the number of applications exceed funding availability. If grant funding remains available due to the exclusion of ineligible applications, the online grant portal will be reopened following an announcement by the Empire State Development.
• To apply, applicants will need the following required documents:
o Current Government-issued photo ID for every owner of 20% or more
o 2019 Federal Business Tax Returns
o 2020 Year-to-Date Income Statement
o Copy of SLA License
o List and proof of eligible reimbursable COVID-19 response related expenses incurred since 9/1/2020 (If a capital expense please include receipts for equipment, labor and/or construction)
• Any program announcements and/or updates will be posted to the ESD website.

Check out this article! Middletown Thrall Library is once again allowing in-person browsers and reference assistance!

downtown 1